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There are many good reasons for considering the use of gas! If you are planning to build a home or business, or considering purchasing all new major appliances, you need to look at the alternative to electricity. Gas, the fuel of the future

  • Gas is a better resource than electricity
  • In power outages, your gas appliances are still working
  • Cost Effective
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    Propane Installation Considerations and Information

    200 Tank - This tank is installed above ground and is properly sized for single appliance usage such as cook tops, oven or BBQ grills and fire logs.

    120 Gallon Tank
    - Installed either above or below ground. This tank is used for spa heating and multi-appliance hook up's.

    250 Gallon Tank - Installed primarily underground. This tank is properly sized for seasonal pool / spa heating and additional appliances such as water heater, cook tops, ovens, fire logs, BBQ grills.

    500 Gallon Tank - This underground tank is installed for year round pool / spa heating, all gas appliance homes and small output generators.

    1000 Gallon tank - This underground tank can supply any gas appliance and has enough storage to supply a full house generator for several days.


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